I swim in a violet sea

19, Capricorn


I. He smoked cigars
And used me to light them

II. He had already sent
His love across the border,
I couldn’t make it in time

III. He was a lonely ruin,
Decrepit and rotting away
I lost myself within his walls,
Then he locked me out in the cold

One taught me that there is no love without pain,
Another that love is selfless to the point of self- loss,
The last that you should never trust a cracked mirror.
I am happy despite him. Despite all three of them.

I’m telling the moon and the sun,
I’m telling the sky and birds,
I’m telling heavens about my love for you.
Don’t be surprised when one day they’ll start telling you about my love.
- me, 15.07.14 (via somedaylovehope)

(via calor-aeterni)